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Know your roof! Here is some important stuff to know when considering investing in a metal roof.

Composition Shingles

Composition shingles are comprised of felt or fiberglass material with tiny stones glued to the surface. From the moment these shingles are installed, the wind, weather, and heat from the sun begin to break down the asphalt-based adhesives that hold everything together. This sets off a process where the shingles begin to curl, crack, and streak due to algae and loss of granules.

Composition shingles also act as a sponge, soaking up the sun’s radiant heat and trapping it inside the home’s attic space. Unlike metal, asphalt and fiberglass shingles hold onto their heat, forcing the home’s air-conditioning unit to work harder to keep the house cool.

According to the asphalt roofing industry, the average shingle roof lasts 17 – 19 years. The actual lifetime is dramatically lower than this in hot climates and extreme weather situations. Unfortunately, the warranties on these products do not cover natural wear and tear from weather. Damage resulting from high winds, hail, rain, and extreme temperatures are also not covered.

Lastly, in order for new shingle warranties to be effective, the old shingles must first be removed. These petroleum-soaked shingles are placed in landfills across the country where the oils and chemicals seep into the ground. There is unfortunately nothing "green" about a shingle roof. If a homeowner decides not to tear off the old shingles, the new shingle warranties are often voided.

Wood Shakes

For hundreds of years, wood shakes and shingles adorned the roofs of homes in America. Because the wood was plentiful and the alternatives were few, wood shakes and shingles became an accepted part of the American landscape.

Unfortunately, wood shakes, while beautiful in appearance, require regular and intense maintenance. Because the wood is an organic material, in hot and humid as well as shaded areas, it is susceptible to mold, algae, and other forms of unsightly growth.

Since these growths are water retaining life forms, the shingles begin to rot, causing leaks to the underside of the roof. Eventually, the battens and decking begin to rot away and the whole roof needs to be torn off and replaced.

Tearing off the old roof will have detrimental effects on the homeowner’s property. Pieces of wood, nails, and other debris litter the yard and neighborhood and, just like with standard shingles, the refuse must be deposited in a landfill.

Clay and Concrete Tile and Slate

The beauty of clay tiles and slate are associated with certain areas of the country and are thought to be long lasting and highly efficient. However, the high weight of these products can cause undue strain on the structure of a home. Many clay and concrete tiles are highly pourous and, as water seeps into the tiles, the tiles crack and break. This situation is made worse by freeze-thaw weather cycles. In high winds, clay tiles can be quite dangerous and the damage leaves holes that could affect the interior of a home. These heavy products are also very prone to cause structural collapse in the event of seismic activity or an interior fire.

Natural slate is less indestructible than man-made tiles but, unfortunately, the nails that hold them in place are not. In many instances, the nails rust away leaving the heavy slates held in place by gravity’s pull alone. Falling slate can be very dangerous and damaging to property.

Other Temporary Roofing Materials

There are many other roofing materials such as rubber and other composite materials. These materials are higher cost materials and are liable to fade and chalk in the intense heat of the sun. Many of these products also do not yet have proven track records.

The Bottom Line

Temporary roofing materials like composition, wood, and other materials may be less expensive at first glance, but will, over time, cost exponentially more due to re-roofing over and over again as well as losses in energy efficiency.

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